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Conditions and Guidelines for Staying/Visiting

This page is a simple summary of the conditions for visiting, volunteering or staying at the Quinta Project. In all cases, please read the Ground Rules. You agree to them while visiting the Quinta project.

For staying overnight/volunteering

  1. You must have attended a Welcome Meeting or personal meeting BEFORE applying to stay.
  2. The minimum stay is 5 days. If this is your first stay, the maximum time you can stay is 7 days.
  3. You must apply at least 14 days in advance.*
  4. Before applying, read the basic information and daily life.
  5. To apply, fill out the Residency Application form.
  6. We will contact you and discuss your stay.
  7. Your request must be approved prior to your arrival. Do not travel before you have received confirmation!

* We recommend applying much earlier during busy periods. We are often fully booked and then can no longer accommodate visitors.

Day visits:

  • Day visits are not possible

Staying during events (such as WorkWeeks or ThemeWeeks)

  • Please contact the organiser or follow the instructions given on the event page.
  • If the event involves an overnight stay, then you must have attended a Welcome Meeting or personal meeting prior to applying to stay.
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