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Daily Life

We typically meet around 8:00am (sometimes earlier in summer) for breakfast and to decide what are the activities for the day. Breakfast is usually porridge with fruit or bread. We use oat milk instead of dairy. We may meet to have a light lunch together around 1:00pm, depending on the day’s activities. Especially in summer, this may be a cold soup, salad etc. Dinner is a community meal around 8:00pm.

Time after dinner is co-created by everyone staying. Most of the time, evenings have a shared activity, decided upon by whomever is staying at the Quinta. For example, we can decide to stay on the farm and play games, have a heart circle or a massage exchange. Or we may decide to go off-site to a concert or bar. What happens depends very much on who is there and what they bring.

On evenings when there is a Quinta Project event, times may vary depending on the event. And the evening activity is then the event.

In terms of regular off-site activities, there are also local community “events”, such as markets, concerts, a gay hiking group and gatherings. Typically these are on Saturdays. On Mondays, we usually visit the market in Valencia de Alcantara to shop for the week.

There is no “dress code” at the Quinta Project. You can wear as much or as little as you like. We invite you to dress to express yourself and who you are. That said, please remember that this is a farm. Much of the day-to-day life happens outside and on the land. When working, it is important to have sturdy shoes that can be worn in muddy, rocky and dusty terrain. Shoes and clothes will also get dirty very quickly! Depending on the season, also bring warm clothing, it can get very cold, especially in winter and in the evenings.

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