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Living together

You may be the only person visiting or there may be quite a few other people staying. We want the Quinta Project to be a safe space, where we welcome and celebrate diversity and where we are cultivating and experimenting in creating queer* ecosystems and spaces. To make everyone feel welcome, and comfortable to fully express themselves, there are some ground rules that are important for all of us:

Kindness & Love. We are having a unique chance to spend time together in a magical space. We therefore ask you to approach everyone at the Quinta from a place of love and support. We cultivate a spirit of kindness and inclusiveness; diversity and connections are an important part of the Quinta experience.

Nature. We live together with nature and all beings on the farm and within the ecosystem of the farm. We regenerate and revive that land and ourselves together. We see the poetic value in building our own farm as a space without cruelty. Please don’t bring meat or fish products to the farm. And please use organic soaps and shampoos where possible (our water goes back into the land).

Respect. We ask you to respect each other and everyone's individual journey. Do not criticise each other's choices, lifestyles or beliefs. Ideas are exchanged, debated, and developed from a place of support. Where there are areas of disagreement or conflict, we ask you to do your best to hold onto the idea of respect for one another.

Self-Expression & Consent. We make and hold space for self-expression and self-love in all aspects. The Quinta is a body- and sex-positive space. We have a shared sense of purpose and pleasure. Consent is important for everything that we do at the Quinta. Consent also applies to how you engage with everyone at the Quinta and the Quinta itself. Check in with yourself as to whether you consent to an activity, suggestion or idea.

Confidentiality. You are welcome to share details of the Quinta in general terms with people outside of the Quinta community. However, do not share details about other persons that may be confidential. Always ask yourself: Do you have the express permission of the person to share the details. This may include personal details of another person, or views, actions or experiences that were shared at the Quinta. If you are not sure you do have the express permission, do not share!

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