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Current Pods at the Quinta

  • Research Pod - Research, publications and praxis inspired by eco queer theories
  • Land Pod - plants, veggie gardens, water projects and everything “nature” on the land
  • Infrastructure Pod - houses, accommodation, guest house etc on the land project
  • Outreach Pod - links to other organisations, member comms and social media.

Work Weeks are coordinated jointly by Infrastructure and Land Project Pods

Gatherings/Theme Pods

  • Creative - Various creative projects on the Quinta (in conjunction with Infrastructure / Land Pod) + Creative theme weeks & Artists' Residency
  • Ecosexual - Organisation of the ecosexual theme week
  • Food - Fabulous Food Week and organisation of the food at the Quinta (in conjunction with Infrastructure pod)
  • Ecofeminist - Organisation of ecofeminist events and theme Week
  • Queer Permaculture - bringing permaculture and (eco-)queer theory together (in conjunction with Research Pod)
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