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Travelling to/from the Quinta

The Quinta Project is situated close to Marvão in the Portalegre District. When travelling by public transport, we can arrange to meet you at Valencia de Alcantara, Portagem or Marvão.

By Rail/Bus

The nearest railway stations are:

  • Portalegre (Portugal) - connections to Encontramento (and onwards to Lisbon, Santa Apolonia).
  • Badajoz (Spain) - connections to Madrid (Atocha)
  • Cáceres (Spain) - connections to Madrid (Atocha)
  • Valencia de Alcantara (currently no regular passenger service)

The nearest bus stations are:

  • Portalegre (Portugal) - several direct connections to Lisbon (Sete Rios) daily
  • Portagem (Portugal) - closest to TQP, daily connection to Lisbon
  • Marvão (Portugal) - close to TQP, daily connection to Lisbon
  • Valencia de Alcantara - direct connections to Cáceres, and onwards to Madrid (Alvaro)

From Madrid

From Lisbon

From Porto

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